Rooms and Suites

Your comfort is paramount to us. That is why we have a wide range of rooms tailored to meet your every need. From the most suitable to the most comfortable of rooms.
The rooms in UGCC are heartwarmingly painted with cool colors to simulate a comfortable and refreshing stay for our most cherished guests.
Trendy and tasty furniture and fittings characterize the theme and décor of each room. Tiled floors and enchanting balconies with spectacular vegetative views make the thrilling prospect even more satisfying. You are kept in touch with the world via high-speed wireless internet (WIFI) connection.

We offer rooms ranging from bed sitters, flats and bungalows.


With its aesthetically coordinated bed and facility setup, the bedsitters gives you that feeling of a comfortable home in a distant land. The widely crafted room gives you the space to go about your business. As one of our guests states about the bedsitters; “It feels just like my own space in a different location” anonymous.
Features of our bedsitters include:

• Spacious air-conditioned room with neatly laid twin-sized bed for your comfort

• Spacious living area with center table

• Refrigerator and television for your relaxation

• Study desk for working

• Hygienic toilet and bathroom facility


Our bungalows are designed purposely to provide you with a comfortable space that meets your requirements.
Features include;

• 2 bath and hygienic toilet facilities

• Fully furnished kitchen with all the needed appliances and cookware

• Spacious living and dining area


If comfort and style can be fused into one word; this rooms are it. Our nicely decorated and spacious flats are great for bachelorette weekends, family reunions,  holiday crash pads and weekend getaways. Fashioned with everyday facilities coupled with a large bed size to meet the everyday needs and comfort of our cherished guests.  Our flats are fully air-conditioned and designed with fully furnished kitchen, hall and bedroom with highly hygienic toilet facilities. The hall and bedroom are purposely crafted to give you more space to divide your activities for easy coordination and accessibility. 
Features include:

• Private balcony to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the guest center

• Finely furnished and spacious living room

• Fully air-conditioned bedroom with king-sized bed purposely crafted to give you more space to stretch out.

• Fully furnished kitchen with stainless appliances

• Highly hygienic walk-in toilet facility with bath